Use Cases

they are arranging conferences for their corporate client from the medical sector. Interpretation is a challenge already before the conferences. Even though most of the participants speak some English, their level of understanding is not always enough to understand a speaker with an unfamiliar accent. Also some of the speakers feel more comfortable to speak on their own language, even if they are speaking English, as their own accent  disturbs them. This requires number of different interpreters, (some of them are only needed for one hour) and the logistics of the infrastructure, together with the logistics of the different interpreters requires a lot of time and attention. It regularly happens, that an interpreter can’t come, gets stock or turns sick, and last minute changes are always very difficult.

The other challenge connected to the event was, that the client wanted to reach a wider range of people than participated on the event. Closed user group video streaming of the event was an option, so every invited person outside the conference would be able to see the program real time, however streaming the simultaneous interpretations on several voice channel parallel to the event, real time was not possible.

With TheSpeech, all above challenges were solved. TheSpeech offers live, simultaneous interpretation services from its cloud platform. This enabled our Customer to plan ahead all interpretation requests, and TheSpeech offered official, accredited interpreters for all language pairs. Even the Customer had a last minute request (24 hours before the event a speaker cancelled the participation, and an other speaker was invited, which required language changes) and it was easily managed on the platform.

More than 1600 doctors, who were not participating on the congress were invited to join the closed user group video stream of the congress, and TheSpeech broadcasted the simultaneous interpretations, real time to the live event. Invited doctors were able to select the preferred language on their mobile phone and listen to the interpretation. Also during the congress there were number of attendees, who arrived late or had to leave earlier, but they were able to listen to the speakers over their mobile phone, in their preferred language.

The return of the investment of the client of our Customer was much greater, in addition to the 600-invited doctor on the congress; another 510 (out of the 1600 invited) doctors followed the congress partly or fully from their home country.

The Pope visited Sumuleu-Ciuc, Romania where he celebrated a mass for the gathered more than 100.000 people. The language of the mass was Italian and Latin, but the crowed was mainly from Romania and Hungary. TheSpeech interpreted the mass to Romanian and Hungarian languages, and broadcasted real time, simultaneously to the event. Not only the audience on the spot, but people around the World were able to listen to the interpretation of the Pope’s speech.

They organize regular in house meetings with the participation of the management from each country. These meetings are partly live meetings and partly videoconferences.
This customer wanted to organize a larger meeting for almost all employees in every quarter to inform them about the results and the upcoming goals of the company, and also to bring the top management closer to all the workers. The challenge of the customer was, that lower level workers mainly did not speak the corporate language fluent enough to understand the messages.
TheSpeech was the first solution, which enabled them to not only stream the video of the meetings, but simultaneously to the meeting everyone was able to listen to the interpretations over their mobile phone. In some offices the interpretation voice was taken out to the loudspeaker of the big meeting room, but in most places people were seeing the video on their desktop computer, and were able to listen to the interpretation on their mobile phone.