We Make You Understand

TheSpeech is the first fully automated, location free, human interpretation platform. It connects live events, interpreters and audience in the cloud, and delivers simultaneous interpretation browser-based, around the World.
Our mission is to make people understand what they hear, real time, anywhere, and in any language.


Your private events:
  • Multilingual business meetings, where interpretation helps parties to understand each other
  • Conferences, seminars with multilingual speakers and audience.
  • Townhall meetings where colleagues connect from different countries.
  • Events and gatherings where foreign speakers address a local crowd, or some of the VIP attendees do not speak the local language.
Your public events:
  • Online or live product launches Worldwide.
  • Addressing a large multilingual crowd in a stadium or in open air
  • Open up part of your event or conference to the World and let people listen to a presentation in different languages, even outside the conference room.


Best quality interpreters

Our exclusive language service provider Transperfect has more than 4000 highly trained, subject specific interpreters available on our platform. We assure the highest quality of the interpretations at any time.

Highly secure environment

We apply the best streaming industry standard security protocols: no eavesdropping on any network devices possible. 

You control who participates in your sessions, and you can see who are actually participating.

Secure chat

During or before your event you can chat securely with our interpreters, and you can exchange special instructions/speech presentations if needed.


Everything in the Cloud

TheSpeech connects the event with the interpreters and with the audience through its secure cloud.

No special hardware needed

You can stream the voice of your speakers through our proprietary platform via a laptop or a mobile phone to our remote interpreters. Their interpretation is streamed back to your designated audience’s mobile phone. 

Fully automated

No „contact us”, no „get a quote”: after registration, you can create an event of any complexity within minutes on our platform. The platform makes sure that we always assign the best fit interpreters to your events.


You can not only use our professional interpreters but you can also add your own interpreters to our platform. Our interpretation prices are starting from 400 EUR/hour (800 EUR/day), but if you use your own interpreters, you only pay the platform usage fee which starts from 60 EUR/hour.

One-time fee for an event is 200 EUR/event. The one-time fee does not depend on the number of languages or listeners.

For a detailed price offer, just create your event, and before committing yourself, we will show you the complete offer for the event.



Register now and start making your first event.

Intuitive wizard to create your events

Add details of your event (such as date, time duration, language slots, target languages you need interpretation to, audience list,) on our simple, 5 step wizard and you will get the offer at the end of the flow. If you agree, just submit your event, and the system will send the interpreter details for your acceptance.

Change any time

Once you accept the interpreters, you are ready to go. We can even arrange interpretation in short notice. If you wish to modify your event, you can do it free of charge, up to 48 hours before the event.

Try the next generation of online simultaneous interpretation.

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