TheSpeech provides a simultaneous interpretation service platform for live events, and broadcasts the interpretation to audiences of any size anywhere around the World. Our platform is a cloud-based solution, which works even if the events, the interpreters and the audience are in separate locations. All parties are connected in the cloud.

Event users Participants of the events listen to the simultaneous interpretation on their mobile phones, using our proprietary application.

TheSpeech platform is very intuitive and easy to use. Customers who create upcoming live events such as conferences, townhall meetings, international product launches, public speeches, etc) can create their own events on the platform, set the date, duration and topic of their event as well as select the languages of the event and the target languages they want the events to be interpreted. The platform then sends out requests to all relevant interpreters with the requested language pairs. TheSpeech has more than 4000 accredited interpreters connected to its platform, and they cover all the living languages of the world.

Once the Customer accepts any of the interpretation offers, the event can start. The interpretations can be listened through TheSpeech mobile app or through the web at any location.

Events can be private (where only invited people can listen to the interpretations) or public (where any size of an audience anywhere on the Globe can listen to the voice channels)

For more information, please contact us on info@thespeech.app.

Some of our customers have regular live events every week, while some others are hosting events only once in a while. For frequent event organizers we recommend to open up their channels on our platform. A Channel is a folder for similar type events (like all townhall meetings, or all public announcements). If you have a Channel on TheSpeech platform, it means you are a monthly subscriber, paying a basic monthly subscription fee, but you don’t have to pay a set-up fee for each of your events.


If you are just organizing events a few times every year, you should only create occasional events (without a channel), where you have to pay a set-up fee per each event, but you do  not have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Users are the individuals who are listening to an event. These Users can be random people around the World, who are following your events and are interested in your new announcements in their own language. In case events are not public events but private events, Users are invited individuals, who get access to the interpretation channels simultaneously to the live event.


Interpreters are individuals around the World, who are professional, accredited interpreters, and they are doing the simultaneous interpretation of the Customer’s events. We have more than 4000 interpreters and offer 150+ languages.


Customers are the individuals or corporations, who are organizing live events and ordering the interpretation services of TheSpeech.

It is very easy and fast to order interpretation for your live events with TheSpeech.

First you have to register as a Customer on the platform, and wait for the confirmation from our Admins. Before we confirm your account, we will contact you and check that you are authorized to create events in the name of the person or company you represent.


Once you are an accepted (approved?) Customer, you can start creating your first Channel, or just create an Event.


The simple, 5 steps wizard will guide you through the Event creation process, where at the end we will send out the requests to all relevant interpreters with your requested language pairs and event date. We will summarize the conditions of your request, and provide you with all the details of your order (including the planned duration, number of interpreters needed, number of interpreted hours, cost estimate of the event). Based on this summary you can confirm the order of the service or decide not to go forward. If you confirm the order we will reserve the total estimated price of the event interpretation on your PayPal account. This is not yet a payment, only a reservation.


The interpreters will send their offers directly to your TheSpeech Event on our platform, where you can review all of them. You can select the interpreter you want, and they will be ready to do the interpretation job when your event starts.


Please make sure that you upload all available scripts for each interpreter, to help their work. If you don’t have these scripts at the creation of the event, you can upload them later.


Scripts are text documents of the event’s announcements, speeches, a ppt presentation the speaker will present or anything that can help the interpreter to provide the interpretation with maximum quality.


Once your event starts, the interpreters get a live stream of the original event, and they interpret to the selected languages. The interpretation can be listened to by the users on TheSpeech mobile app or over the Internet.


After the event is completed, we will release the reservation of the costs, and deduct the actual amount  to be paid for the coverage of the event . The final amount you pay for the interpretation is always equal or lower than the amount we reserved when the cost estimate was made.


For any further information, please contact us at info@thespeech.app


Is there any limitation with regard to the countries where TheSpeech provides live interpretation services?

At the moment there are no limitations on the countries where TheSpeech can be used. You can reach the whole World with your messages in various languages.

We can provide live, simultaneous interpretation of your event via our TheSpeech platform or via our proprietary mobile app. In this case your audience (the users) can listen to the simultaneous interpretation on their mobile, on a laptop or on a PC, while your stream is running on the Internet.

Our prime languages are available on our webpage, TheSpeech.app. If your target language is not listed, ask a proposal from us on info@thespeech.app and we provide a custom made proposal for you.When you set up your events via our platform, you will be guided to select your source and target languages from a pull-down menu.

If you do not find your target or source language on the list of our languages, or during the event setup you miss any of the desired languages, send us an email and we search for the right interpreters for you. Send your details (target date, source and target languages) to us at info@thespeech.app and we will come back to you.

You can create and/or cancel events partially or fully at any time. (You cannot create events sooner than 15 minutes to its planned start time.). However, you have to pay an extra fee if your event is created within 48 hours of the planned start time, and you have to pay a penalty if you cancel partially or fully an event with contracted interpreters, within 48 hours to its planned start time.


If you create an event within 48 hours to its planned start time, the interpretation fee is 50% higher than the normal fee. If you create an event within 24 hours to its planned start the interpretation fee is 100% higher than the normal fee.


If you cancel an event with contracted interpreters within 48 hours to the event, you have to pay 50% of the accepted interpretation fee. If you cancel an event with contracted interpreters within 24 hours to the planned event, you have to pay 100% of the accepted interpretation fee.


More than 48 hours prior to the event you can make any changes you want without any consequences. You can add or delete languages, or even cancel the whole event.

You are welcome to use your own interpreter on our platform. To do so, you have to register your interpreter as a Customer in the “own interpreters” menu. Once you have a registered interpreter, you can select him/her during the creation of the event. In case of a complex event with more interpreters, you can use your own interpreter combined with interpreters from TheSpeech.


To use your own interpreter, you have to pay 15% of the average interpretation price for the duration of the event.

The invitation you received contains the name of the company who invited you, the date, time of the event as well as the title of the event. The link in the email will drop you into the event through your web browser. You can use this on your desktop computer as well as on your mobile phone. You can go to the event 10 minutes before the start, to make sure you don’t miss the start. Once you are in the event, you can select the language you want to listen to, and you will hear the live simultaneous interpretation real time, parallel to the event.

To use your own interpreter, you have to pay 15% of the average interpretation price for the duration of the event.

You will need a computer with a browser, a headphone with microphone (or the built in microphone of your laptop could also be sufficient), your TheSpeech.app credentials (username and password) and a solid internet connection. You will receive a couple of notifications  about the upcoming event prior to the planned date, to make sure that you do not forget your upcoming event.

15 minutes before the event’s planned start time you should login to your TheSpeech.app profile where you can identify your upcoming live event(s). When you click on your live event, you will be able to start listening to the original voice, and when you unmute your microphone, you can start the interpretation. Your interpretation will be available to all connected users.

Theoretically you can provide the interpretation job on your mobile phone by accessing the interpreter UI of TheSpeech platform through your browser. If you decide to do so, please make sure you have a perfect 4G or Wifi connection, your phone is connected to the charger, and you have a good quality headphone and speaker connected.


We do recommend to use a laptop or a desktop computer for the interpretation job.

No, we are only streaming the live interpretations, in multiple languages. Whether you are participating in the event and watching it on the spot, or you are watching any of the streaming channels on the internet, you can just plug in your earphones and listen to the professional simultaneous interpretation wherever you are.

For the highest security we use Paypal as our payment platform to accept and to handle payments. You need to have a PayPal account to be able to pay for TheSpeech services.

In general for channels you’ll pay a one-time fee plus regular monthly fees, anticipating you will have multiple events under your channel over a longer period of time. If you need interpretation only for one event, you will pay a one-time event setup fee, plus the interpretation fees which is based on the interpreted hours and the number of languages translated.

At the moment we accept Paypall payments only to rely on PayPal’s already established secure payment channels. In case you have a special request, please kindly contact us on support@thespeech.app

We send an invoice into your TheSpeech profile’s billing menu after each successful transaction, plus  you receive your invoice(s) in an email as well. We send an invoice after each payment on PayPal, while reservations (not deducted amounts) are not invoiced, but visible in your billing menu as “reserved”.

You are free to add or delete interpreters connected to your event.


However, if you If you cancel contracted interpreters within 48 hours to the event, you have to pay 50% of the accepted interpretation fee. If you cancel a contracted interpreter within 24 hours to the event, you have to pay 100% of the accepted interpretation fee.


If you add a new interpreter within 48 hours to the start of the event, the interpretation fee is 50% higher than the normal fee. If you add a new interpreter within 24 hours to the start of the event, the interpretation fee is 100% higher than the normal fee.


More than 48 hours prior to the event you can make any changes you want without any consequences.