How it works


TheSpeech’s intuitive platform is extremely easy to use.

After your registration we will ask for a couple of documents to prove that you are authorized to represent the private person or legal entity you registered.

Once you are approved, you are set to go live. You can be our monthly regular Customer, or you can take our services just one-at-a-time manner.

If you chose a monthly subscription, you will be able to create your own “channels” to host  your similar type of Events in the future. Channels are like folders for the Events.

Both Channels and Events can be Private or Public, depending on the audience. Public Channels and Events are viewable for anyone, while private Channels and Events can only be viewed by an invited audience.

If youdecide to be a one time Customer, you will have no dedicated channels, but you can immediately go and start adding your next Event.

When you create your Event, you have to select the date, time, duration, and topic of your Event, and you have to make sure you add the link where Interpreters will get the original stream for the interpretation. This link can be any accessible stream service where you will stream the original Event. We give you the opportunity to divide your Event to slots, and describe the source language of each slot. You can add one or more source languages for each slot. Make sure that you estimate the slot length correctly, since Interpreters will be available only for the duration of the slot.

In the next step, you can add a target language or languages to each source language. Once you are ready with that, the system will ask you to choose for each language pair if you want to use your own Interpreters or you want us to provide offers from our more than 4000 Interpreters. This is the placewhere you can upload the scripts for each Interpreter to allow them to  prepare for the Event. If you don’t have the scripts or presentations yet, you can come back and upload them later.

To sum up your Event, we will give you a summary of the total number of language pairs you requested as well as a pessimistic offer for the total budget of the Event. If you confirm this, we will reserve this amount on your credit cardyou provided during the registration. We will not deduct the amount until the Event is over and all interpretations have been completed.

Please see our tutorial videos for more help, or feel free to contact us by email. If you are an existing Customer, your Event coordinator will be happy to service you at any time.

Enjoy TheSpeech, and the luxuryof having your audience  understand you anywhere, at any time,  and in any language.



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