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Simultaneous interpretation and live streaming.

Do you have an international live event, congress, commemoration, product launch, marketing happening, town hall meeting, or any kind of event where you address a multilingual audience around the World? We provide you with a platform and a streaming service where you just add your events, and our more than 4000 accredited interpreter partners will make sure that your message is interpreted live and broadcast to your targeted audience around the World real time.

Interpretation without local infrastructure, or interpreters on site.

Do you host international conferences, events with a multilingual audience? Simultaneous interpretation of live events, from any source language to any target language. More than 4000 accredited live interpreters on the platform. Service runs in the cloud, no local infrastructure or interpreters needed, audience can listen to the language channels on their mobile phones.

Arrange you global corporate video meetings with live interpretation.

Are you an international company that hosts regular Town Hall meetingsin different countries, but only the management speak the company's working language well enough to understand the information? Broaden your audience and make it possible for all the employees of your corporation understand what the management is saying, no matter what language they use. Simultaneous, human interpreter based i translation, parallel to your live event to multiple target languages, and streamed real time to the mobile phones of your audience around the World.

Closed events, congresses

When your event is a closed event (only invited people are allowed to participate), but your audience is located around the World our unique interpretation streaming service can reach your audience anywhere, real time, simultaneous to the live event, and in any languages. An email invitation will be sent to all your guests, and they can log in to the different interpretation channels via mobile phone or desktop. If your audience is late, on the way, out for a break, stuck in ttraffic, or have to leave early, they will still be able to join the event with their preferred interpretation, real time.

Public events: Enter to a market on the local language

Are you a global company selling your products or services around the World? It is time you start communicating on each market in the local language. When you want to introduce new products or services, and you make a special marketing event around this announcement, open it up to the public. Stream the event , and use TheSpeech to add simultaneous interpretation to the event real time, s and this way not only people invited to the event but the entire country will understand what you are offering. Benefit even more from each public event!

Address thousands of people on the street, or in any public places

Do you plan to address a group of multilingual people on the street, in an arena, at a commemoration event, or anywhere outdoors? Allow them not only to see you, but also understand you. TheSpeech will interpret your words to any target language, and will broadcast your message real time, simultaneously, to the audience's mobile phones. We make them understand you!