About us


Vatican in 2015

The original idea of TheSpeech was born in the Vatican in 2015, when a huge crowd gathered to see the Pope’s Sunday blessing. We were also  in the crowd, and as mostpeople on St Peter’s square, we did not understand what the Pope saidbecause we  cannot speak Italian. Then came the idea: a service that would help people and corporations interpret their messages to different languages live, simultaneously at the event, and broadcast it to the mobile phones of audiences of any size  around the World!

Awe started to talk to PR companies, event and congress organizers, multinational companies, and understood their challenges with multilingual audiences.

We were not surprised to hear that while simultaneous interpretation is usually arranged in closed room events, almost everyone is facing the challenge  of addressing people  at outdoor events in multiple languages, real time .

We spent two years developing an intuitive platform where our customers can create their own event, describe which part of the event is hosted on which language or languages, and order multiple simultaneous interpretation services to each source language. The platform takes care of the streaming of the interpretations, and makes surethat each interpretation channel is broadcast around the World to the designated audience.

With our services, we can stream multiple language interpretations to  audiences of any size. With our services, we can stream multiple language, human translator based interpretations to  various audiences. We help our customers to reach their audience, clients, colleagues, buyers, fans or followers in their own language, real time, anywhere.